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Stop people pleasing, master your mindset, get unstuck and transform your life


Are you a high achiever ready to heal from perfectionism and people pleasing?

The three biggest things I see people struggle with are:

  • Impostor syndrome - trying to fill the 'leaky bucket' of self esteem with more and more achievements, which are never enough - another promotion, another certification, chasing external recognition to fill that lack inside

  • People pleasing - tying your sense of self worth with how other people feelabout you, and feeling burnt out, dissatisfied and chronically guilty

  • Lack of clarity - wondering if you are on the right path but not taking decisive action. Being unclear on your needs and purpose can make you feel uncommtted and scared to make changes, while continually feeling stuck


So how can I help?

Let's go deep and personal and get in touch with who you are, and what you really want but are too scared to admit. Together we will:

  • Uncover your strengths

  • Release limiting beliefs

  • Tap into your inner wisdom that is your internal GPS

  • Keep you accountable to taking bold action and getting the results you really want

Ready to take seize life by the horns in a way that honours your wellbeing and authentic self? Let's go!

Work with me

Why choose me?


I am a mother, a speaker, a consultant and a coach.

Why am I so driven to help people recover from people-pleasing and perfectionism? It's because my struggle almost killed me.

I spent years in and out of the hospital for anorexia as a teen - and was even expelled from high school for it - and then later after my recovery, I drove myself into the ground as a high achiever.

I immigrated to England in 2019 - both because I was in love, and also to try to run from my past - but those toxic habits got on the plane with me.

I won promotion after promotion, winning awards and travelling leading large transformations and coaching leaders, yet inside I was still eaten up by impostor syndrome and driven by a relentlessly harsh inner critic that told me I was never good enough.

Then coaching and therapy changed my life. Through therapy, I saw how I was being driven by old wounds - and coaching gave me the lens to look forward, see what my strengths were, and navigate a new path.

This changed my life so much that I decided to retrain as an executive & life coach.

I lead coaching programmes, working 1-1 with individuals and with teams. My clients come from all walks of life and whether they are an entrepreneurs, CEOs, lawyers or artists, one thing they all have in common is they are highly driven, ambitious and heart-centred.

My experience:

- ICF member coach (the world gold standard in coaching)

- Strengths profile practitioner - individual & team coaching

- Recovery Coaching, trained with Recovery Coach Academy

- Diploma in Counselling Skills

- Certificate of Higher Education in Psychology

- Trauma-trained coaching through International Complex Trauma Association

- 19+ years corporate experience

- Entrepreneurship

I know that impostor syndrome and perfectionism can be a huge challenge - we may feel that we always have to be justifying our own worth. Our mindset can be our best asset when it comes to being our best self and fulfilling our life dreams - and I can help you with that!

I work with a strengths based approach where we celebrate and leverage your uniqueness (no more hiding your light!), as well as holding space with a trauma-informed lens.

Working together, we honour and release the unhelpful parts of the past while looking forward. Your whole self is welcome, not just the high achieving face you present to the world.

Are you ready to live unleashed with authenticity and courage?

Hello! I am  DeAnna Avis.


What Clients Say

"DeAnna encouraged me to be my authentic self and empowered me to share my voice and know that people will listen. I suffered with imposter syndrome, never believing I am capable, this was an internal behaviour I had learnt over the years through previous bad management styles. I always saw failures as negative, you would get beat up for them, instead of them being a learn and a positive step forwards.
De always brings her true self to every conversation and interaction and this allowed me to do the same.
I have gone from believing ‘who am I’ to knowing who I am professionally and personally and standing proud behind ‘ME’ .
De, I will forever be grateful for our heart to heart and then our catch ups❤️. From that day I have become a better version of myself through your kick up the arse and non judgemental approach.
De just seems to know what questions to ask to unlock the thoughts and realisation." - Vicki Starrs


"DeAnna has been a real inspiration to me. She actively supported me to develop not just my skills, but my confidence too. DeAnna inspired me to be a better version of myself. If you're looking for a coach or mentor for you or your business, I can't think of anyone I'd recommend more highly." - Chris Smith

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