Dee's story

Born in California and living in England since 2004, I grew up in a spiritually diverse Mexican-American household and being a bruja is in my blood.

My Abuelito who I was very close to was very spiritual, creating magical remedies and recipes passed down to him from our indigenous ancestors and creating altars and magical artwork around the house. He continues to be a huge influence on me, alongside my other ancestors who I revere deeply. 

I first started exploring spirituality, tarot, witchcraft and the occult more than 20 years ago, dedicating myself to reading every book I could find on the subjects, and my studies led to me studying Buddhist philosophy at college, later qualifying as a reiki practitioner and undertaking professional courses in tarot and magic.

When I was younger, I struggled with eating disorders, anxiety and depression. After many years of therapy and spiritual healing, I found the lessons in all of those difficult experiences, like a lotus flower growing out of mud. I am grateful for all the experiences, for they have made me who I am. At one point in my healing journey, I woke up in the middle of the night and I could hear my intuition talking to me - this was incredible, after years of pushing it down under layers of crud and societal pressure. Once my intuition was awakened and I started living in alignment with the Universe, rather than fighting against it, I became confident that I could handle everything in life, no matter what. 

My readings are informed by my knowledge of psychotherapy, my life experience as a survivor and my experience working as a peer support worker for people with mental health issues. 

My approach to tarot readings is empowering, holistic and personalised to each person I serve, and it fills my heart with joy to help people gain clarity and insight on their situations and find their true path through spiritual guidance. 


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