"BRUJX is inspired by my ancestors, who live on through me. BRUJX is inspired by healing the wounds of colonialism that we have inherited but do not have to keep. BRUJX is about defying musical hierarchy and acknowledging the raw power of the instrument and voice when it is connected straight with the heart. ❤

Sounds like: industrial strings, themme fatale. Solo violin and vocals with bruja vibes."



Muertos released their debut album ‘Suck It Up’ with Roadkill Records in 2018 and in 2019 they compiled a compilation of B-sides and previously unreleased demos under high demand.

"Muertos straddle the psych rock/garage punk axis like a modern day Cramps put through a Death By Audio blender" - Drowned In Sound

"United, Muertos become something more than the sum of their parts. A riotous live experience, their garage pop sound is laced with elements of wonderfully English psychedelia" - Clash Magazine

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An empowering Mexican duo, Las Guadalupes' Ingrid Rueda and DeAnna Avis have been playing Mexican music together for years, with mariachi performances all over the world, including festivals in Mexico, Europe and the USA.

Las Guadalupes performed live on BBC London radio and in 2019 were awarded a special recognition from the goverment in Cocula, Jalisco, Mexico for their contributions to mariachi music. They released their debut album in autumn 2019.

Las Guadalupes Spotify

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"Death of the Elephant are not – to the best of our knowledge – a performance art piece based around the extended demise of an unfortunate Proboscidea. And lucky for us they’re not, as if they were they wouldn’t be the ace riot grrl act that they are. Slashing guitars, just the right levels of rawness and raucousness, feet firmly rooted in history but with quite enough of an edge to make DotE individually worthwhile, and enough conviction embodied in their sound to keep many a lesser band going for months on end. Far, far better than any dead pachyderm could possibly be."
- R*E*P*E*A*T Fanzine



My Pet Sushi were equal parts 1960s girl group plus feisty raw riot grrrl reminiscent of X-Ray Spex.

They exploded onto the UK music scene with much fanfare, with original songs such as Electroclash Haircut and Bargain Bin of Love, and true to their art pop roots, they disappeared leaving hardly a trace - no recordings, just pictures.


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