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Coaching with me isn't a transaction.

This isn't a "six steps to get from A to B" programme.

This is alchemy.

This is inner transformation.

This is a p
artnership to help you ascend to your next level in life - and keep ascending.

I work with you to understand how the stories you have been telling yourself - and that you carry in your subconscious - have led to the results you are getting now.

I help you step into your divine power to rewrite your story and your life results, connected to your true purpose.

Using a combination of recovery coaching, life coaching, root cause therapy and counselling skills, I help you do deep inner work to unearth where any internal blocks or self-sabotaging patterns have come from

- like why your inner voice tells you you're not good enough no matter how hard you work

- why you let you let your guilt and people pleasing habit trick you into saying yes when you want to say no

- or how your shame keeps you hiding our true stelf and presenting a perfect mask to the world

- or why boundaries and conflict feels so DAMN hard and so you avoid dealing with difficult relationships or conversations

- Or how you repeat that same relationship pattern of chasing after people and then pushing them away, or avoiding intimacy altogether

- Or how you prefer to numb yourself with two bottles of wine and a big sprinkle of avoidant attachment and workaholism

It doesn't have to be this way!

Together we identify and heal the root cause of your unhelpful patterns, so that you can move forward and make empowered choices.

I help you clarify and embody your ideal future self RIGHT NOW so that you start making big shifts in your self-esteem, creativity, relationships, business and life fulfilment.

We do this by calling in your big vision and tuning into what matters to you.

Then shifting the way you feel, believe and act to show up in that way now.

The inner world shifts your outer.

This isn't superficial tactical work, this is magic, this is you transforming and emerging like a beautiful butterfly from a cocoon.

How does it work?

The three month experience


  • 1 x 60 minute coaching call per week over Zoom

  • WhatsApp support in between sessions

  • A monthly customised meditation and visualisation recording made just for you, to reprogramme your subconsious and help you step into your best future self

Investment: £3,000 pay in full (3 and 6 month payment plans available)

I am so excited
and grateful to be a part of your healing and transformation journey.

Ready to take the leap into working together?

Dream client:

  • Entrepreneurs, artists, visionaries and leaders with a big dream they want to get out into the world

  • People who are committed to showing up fully and stepping out of their comfort zone

  • People with messy pasts, who may be neurodivergent, who want to heal their unresolved sh*tfrom earlier in their lives so they can live their best life NOW

Who this is NOT for:

  • People who want a lead-gen coach or guaranteed 10x revenue growth in 30 days. This is inner transformation, not mathematics. My mission is changing minds and hearts, not spreadsheets.

  • People who are not committed to doing the work / taking action in between sessions

  • People who are happy with the status quo and don't want to change (you do you!)

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