My approach to tarot

Working with me, you will find someone who is sensitive and understanding of all different types of experiences - here you will not be judged. I am especially passionate about practicing spirituality through a decolonising, anti-oppression lens. Tarot doesn't discriminate by faith, and people of all faiths and no faith are welcome - I respect your personal journey and beliefs. ALL are welcome.

I am not a therapist, and I do not hold any special qualifications other than my own intuition and experience. I believe in helping you connect to your own personal truth to help you liberate yourself. Working with me, you will find an openminded, openhearted approach where all parts are welcome and explored. I believe shame is toxic, and it is often those things that we hide from ourselves that cause us the most pain. Tarot can help us work with and love all parts of ourselves. 


What peeps say about my tarot readings


Dee is a super insightful tarot reader and generally delightful human. They are an amazing listener and make your cloud of thoughts into clear questions.

Anaís Azul, California


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