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Existing clients of mine (before March 2021) please contact me for your 50% discount on all services!


Booking a spiritual consultation with me is easy! Though my practice is based in Chelmsford, Essex, England, I see clients all over the world, from California to New Zealand. 

I know that getting your cards read with someone takes trust. I have been there - scared to open up, scared to peek in case I didn't like what was shown. Allow me to hold your hand (I'm a Scorpio - we're not scared of the dark). I believe that most of all, it is important to trust yourself. I don't want you to put faith in me as someone superspecial or above you - I want to help guide you through the cards to connect to your own wisdom and true path.


I also offer distance reiki healing sessions which are bookable from anywhere in the world.  In-person sessions will be available at my in-home healing studio as soon as it is safe to do.


60 minute tarot reading

Empowering and inspiring tarot coaching sessions, conducted online over Zoom so you can take part from the comfort of your own home. Introvert-friendly readings also available over messenger so that we can communicate in the way that feels most comfortable and authentic to you.

90 minute tarot reading

90-minute sessions are perfect for folks who want to dive deep. If you feel you have a lot of ground to cover, are dealing with a complex issue, or like a lot of back and forth in your sessions, this is the way to go.  Available over Zoom or messenger.

Year ahead manifestation tarot reading

This goal oriented and empowering reading is all about getting really clear on your goals and dreams for the year ahead and tapping into the wisdom of the tarot to find the best way to get you there. You will get a card for each month and we will also dive into specific goals you may have to help you manifest a clear path forward.

1 hour tarot and reiki combo

For people who need extra self-soothing and TLC, this is the way to go! 30 minute distance tarot reading followed by a 30 minute distance reiki healing session to integrate the messages from the reading, cleanse any vibes that are no longer serving you, and step back into balance.



Dee is a super insightful tarot reader and generally delightful human. They are an amazing listener and make your cloud of thoughts into clear questions.

Anaís Azul, California

Thanks to Dee today was the first day I got tarot cards read. It was a very self-reflective experience to think about how to focus my energy to heal past wounds and discover new paths to creative freedom. I highly recommend them!

Yui, California

I had such a dope reading yesterday with Dee. (Yes tarot readers need tarot readers TOO lollll) So grateful for the guidance, affirmations, and validation of my path with Spirit. Get u a cutie enby fly ass rock star tarot reader like Dee!!!!! They're dope afffffffff

The Decolonizing Bruja, New York

Thank you so much. My heart feels so much stronger and lighter.

Rebecca, New Zealand

Thank you sooooo much!!!!! It was a great experience!!!!!! And thanks for sending the cards!!!! You're a great reader!!!

Ashley, New York

Dee is an extremely kind and artistic human who deeply cares about their clients and answering all their questions. We are both Scorpio dominant people, so we are not afraid of the darkness and diving into the depths of the underworld that tarot allows ~ we’ve had deep convos like we’ve known each other for years, which highlights Dee’s ability to be open and compassionate to their clients. I recommend Dee for any people who are seeking clarity and a sweet person to learn from. 

Zaina, California

DeAnna is an amazing person with beautiful soul! Their guidance was really helpful and brought clarity for my situation. I am sure I will come back to them! :) Thank you



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